Monday Apr 21st 2014
Welcome to NGO Nepal
NGO Nepal is a networking NGO with different local NGOs and Cooperatives in Nepal. It provides essential training, organization and helps to attain funding for these local, smaller NGOs. It has also created a partnership network of NGOs based on the principle that unity strengthens – together we can work for a better Nepal. NGO Nepal has been working for the unity of Nepalese NGOs since September 2009. It aims to bring all network partners together in a common platform. To make them see they are not alone in their ideals, aims or actions. This enables them to share experience and learn from each other, becoming more effective individual NGOs. When NGOs unite and work together – as direct result of Network NGOs unique program – they can boldly and more effectively work for change. Its almost impossible to do alone. Thats why  NGO Nepal believes we must come together, and work together for the betterment of Nepal.

NGO Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal

G.P.O 13258, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No: 977-1-4784535
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The main purpose of Social Tour is to contribute in community development through tourism thereby donating at least 51% of the net profit that our consortium tour partner organization earns by selli
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